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Literature Question #03: Prove how UNANSWERED CRIES presents real 'unanswered cries' of contemporary society like Tanzania. (8 Points)

Define the phrase 'unanswered cries'
Elaborate the question relating it to the novel in question
Tackle the question

By definition, unanswered cries are the sufferings of that people that are unheard or unimplemented by the people who are supposed to attend or solve them. The novel UNANSWERED CRIES by Benard Mapalala depicts the sufferings of the girls and women who are caught under the barbaric tradition of Female Genital Mutilation. The following are the unanswered sufferings portrayed by the author and their relevance to the contemporary society like Tanzania:
Spread of HIV/AIDS pandemic.
Position of woman in the society.
Ignorance and illiteracy.
Superstition and witchcraft.
African traditions.
Separation of the family.
Therefore, the sufferings that have been portrayed by the author are relevant in society like Tanzania. In some regions in Tanzania there are tribes that are still practicing the out-dated culture of female circumcision. These acts are done secretly. Its secrecy makes the suffering girls remain unsolved.

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