Tuesday, 26 February 2019

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Literature in English Subject is not a new subject. This Subject has been characterised by various mistreatments:
     First, most of the schools and teachers do not teach this subject, and this is the reason why most students regard this subject as new.
     Another view that makes this subject different and mistreated is that some people, especially who are not English Language Teachers, think that this subject is just a part of main English Language Subject. They think that English Language Subject has 'Literature in English' in it.
However, these claims are not true. Literature in English is a different subject that should be treated differently as well.
     First, in English Language Subject there is a 'Reading Programme' (or 'Response to Reading') section which is mistakenly considered as the same with Literature in English subject.
     Secondly, one of the functions of literature is to develop language. Thus, literature has to be used in order to improve language learning.
Conclusively, Literature as a subject is entirely recognized treated differently in ordinary level secondary schools, high schools, colleges, and universities as well. This proves that Literature in English Subject is different from English Language Subject. They are two different subjects. Education stakeholders, parents, teachers and students should recognise this fact and collectively work together in order to take this subject forward.
Realising this fact and the need of this subject, KACHELE ONLINE has introduced a Literature in English subject examination format.
Click 'LITERATURE IN ENGLISH SUBJECT EXAM FORMAT' for clearer picture of the examination format and contents of the subject as well.

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Unknown delete 18 October 2019 at 22:14

where is the format now?

Emmanuel Kachele delete 22 August 2020 at 18:17

Just download it in the post above


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