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This topic was formerly posted on February 04, 2017. Just like Topic 1 , this topic aims at helping Form One students to answer the questions on simple oral texts on a variety of situations. Situation means a circumstance that happens in a particular time or place.
Unlike the previous onethis topic concentrates on events which are in a certain situations or contexts like school, market, bus stand, post office, police station and other familiar settings like homes and streets. 

The following are the 5 Ideas on Teaching the topic:
(1) Read the oral story to the students before giving them oral questions about the same story. 

(2) Read and allow students to listen and fill in the gapped text. 

(3) Allow students to read and correct the words which are misspelled.

(4) Allow students to read and unjumble the words which have been arranged ugrammatically.

5. Give students more speaking, listening and reading practice questions.

For Full Notes of this topic, check out Here 

Or the Original Post 

Final Words
Learning how to describe things by using spoken words is a task which has to be accompanied by intensive listening activities.

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