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The objective of the lesson

By the end of the lesson, a learner should be able 

(1) to give the meaning of the Recommendation letter. 

(2) to mention people who may recommend 

(3) to identify stages involved in writing a recommendation letter 

(4) to write a letter of recommendation. 


One day, my friend who was applying for a scholarship asked me to write him a recommendation letter but although I knew what he meant, yet I did not know how to write it and what to include. Therefore I decided to find books and search on the internet so that I could learn more about them. Therefore it is my pleasure to share with you who wish to know about it. 


A letter of Recommendation is the kind of official letter written by a person to testify on one’s ability and character. It is normally written for a person who is applying for a certain job or even a college course. Therefore it is written to say or to prove that the applicant is the right candidate depending on how the recommender knows the applicant's ability and character. 


The following can be your recommenders however some institutions would be specific on what kind of recommenders they want. 

1. Your supervisor. If you work somewhere, your supervisors are good to give a testimony about your working ability and your character. It is essential therefore to work hard because one day, you may need your supervisor to say how much they think you fit into a particular position. 

2. Your co-workers. People you work with can also bear witness to who you are, what you know and how you are the right person to serve in a particular position. 

3. Your teachers. Teachers are always close to their students, so they know much about them and they are good enough to recommend them. 

4. Clients. This is especially if you are a businessman or woman. 

5. Neighbors and friends. N.B It is crucial to find a person who may positively recommend you because others would not want to and would not admit that they don't want to. 


(a) Introduce yourself and write your relationship with the person you are recommending. 

(b) Say why the candidate or the applicant is qualified. 

(c) Show specific skills they have. 

(d) Say how did you know them and since when. 



For example, Dear Sir/Madam. If you know their names you may say, Dear 

Mr Godoni. Or use the sentence below if it is the general letter. 

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. (This is the most used).


This is where you say what you aim to say. This part can have the following subparts Paragraph 

1. Explain how you know the applicant or candidate. Paragraph 

2. Write the details about the person you are recommending. 

Say why he or she is qualified. 

Say what you think they can do better or contribute. 

Summary. A brief summary of the candidate or applicant. 

Positively recommend him or her. For instance, 

I strongly recommend him for he can..... 

Or I recommend her without reservation due to her academic potential in............ 


Show that you are ready to give more information if you will be required to do so. In this part, provide your contacts information such as phone number and an active email address. Then close your letter as follows:



(Signature: If you are writing a hardcopy letter) 

Title. (Examples: Teacher, Attorney General etc). 


NB. Attached is the template showing the descriptions above. For more information about the above article, check out the resources below: 



1. Kerry, M.(2018, Feb 13). Letter of recommendation samples for employment. Retrieved from https://resumegenius.com




The writer of this article is an English and Literature teacher who teaches in Mtwara region, Tanzania. He is also a blogger and a poet (Godonipoems).

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