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01. “Conflicts are inevitable”. By using one play you have read, verify this statement. (8 points).

02. By using one poem you have done under this section, prove how the poet has revealed the misconducts of the people in power. (8 points).

03. Read the following poem and answer the questions that follow.


They drive me along,

      They do they do,

These my brothers no longer brothers-

Their hands are whips, along they drive me,

No longer am I the same mother’s child.


They push me along,

Indeed they do,

These my sisters no longer sisters-

Their mouths are cannons, spittle of fire,

No longer am I the same father’s pride.


They kick me along,

      They do they do,

These playmates no longer playmates,

Their actions are fates, my life they decide,

No longer am I the same free-born human.


They abuse me,

        They do time and again,

Fellow humans load me with all their bundles-

They are my masters, and me a poor ass,

To be driven pushed, kicked and abuse.


(a) What is the poem about?

(b) From this poem, who are masters?

(c) How many stanzas are there in the poem?

(d) How many verses are in each stanza?

(e) Is a person talking in the poem happy or sad?

(f) What do you think are possible themes in the poem? Mention and describe five themes of your choice.

04. “Poetry as other literary works portrays how the society is”, Discuss this quotation referring to two poems you have read. Give four points each.

05. Assess two characters in two readings (novels) you have done. Discuss their weaknesses and strength.

06. Choose one main character in anyone play and:

(i) Explain the problems he/she farced

(ii) If you would be the main character, explain how you would solve those problems

07. Read the following poem and answer the questions that follow:

Thin and red ‘’Mother,’’ shouts the boy,

Skinny and bald, “When I grow up

The boys groans on the ground. I will angry a gun

And not a pen.”

Swollen stomach

Full of waste, “My son,” shouts the mother,

Thin legs, “My son,” cries the mother

Thin arms, “You will never live to carry a gun

Twitch There is no meat for us.”

As the boy 

Fights with flies

Over the empty place. 


Ten years old,

He looks older than ten, 

And younger than young,

And so small

As he wriggles,


Of his unproportioned body. 


a) What is the poem about?

b) How many stanzas in the poem?

c) How many verses does the poem have?

d) Mention two themes found in the poem.

e) Briefly explain the relevance of the two themes mentioned in (d) above.

f) What does the word ‘’gun’’ symbolizes?

g) What is the mood of the persona?

h) What do we learn from the poem?

i) What type of poem is this?

08. With the help of any two poems you have read, show how poets/poetess have discussed different problems existing in African societies.

09. Plays are said to be powerful in educating society. Discuss this statement regarding two plays you have done.

10. Using two novels you have read, show how women are portrayed in different communities. 

11. Using one novel you have done under this programme to show its relevance in Tanzanian society.

12. Mention ten authors you know and state the title of the books they have written.

13. In our contemporary society conflicts are part and parcel of people’s life. Discuss this statement referring to two plays you have done under this section.

14. Most poets use language technically as they succeed to convey the intended message to society. Comment on this statement by using two poems you have read under this section. Four (4) points per each.



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