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The challenges of learning English  language in Tanzania are in the following areas:

(1) Everyone wants to speak 'accent' like a native of England. (something that is impossible).  It is similar to a native of Sumbawanga Rural to speak Kiswahili with a Chaga accent.  [This is wrong].


(2) Tanzanians think that those who know English are intelligent.  That's why someone who doesn't know English is afraid and insecure.  This situation has made many people completely give up on learning English. People should know that English Language is not a ticket to intelligence.  If so, England would have no madmen or idiots.  [This is wrong].

(3) We Tanzanians like to criticize our colleagues when they make mistakes in using English, especially so that we can see that we know it better and others don't.  We are not satisfied to see that we have understood the message given by someone, but we want to criticize their English.  [This is wrong].

(4) A Tanzanian who wants to know English is the one who will decide to abandon this distortions about learning English language. A true learner should decide, believe in himself/herself and serious commitment.  [This is OK].


Tanzanians should know that THERE IS ONLY ONE REASON TO LEARN ENGLISH LANGUAGE: We learn English because it is 'important', it is important in many ways.  There is no other reason.  [This is OK].

Emmanuel Kachele is a 37-year old Public English Language and Literature Teacher. He is also the founder of popular Kachele Online Blog (www.kacheleonline.co.tz) which is used by most English language and Literature teachers and students in Tanzania and beyond. His books are found here: https://www.kacheleonline.co.tz/2022/10/kachele-online-books-full-notes.html?m=1


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