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After few years of my English Language teaching career, I felt the feeling that ‘one more thing’ should be done to make Secondary school students boast to have attended secondary school education.
Why a certain Form Four student can find it difficult to speak English? This is my question and yours too. Obviously, there is always ‘one more thing’ to be done. These students have not done activities to make them get used to speaking English freely in several circumstances and settings.
After launching KACHELEONLINE blog,  I have received all kinds of contributions; positive, constructive, and critical as well. My fellow teachers have been calling me, texting, and dropping a line via my email to say something about this move. I am happy to learn from their criticisms and I take their compliments with constructive approach so that to see this program goes beyond the present situation.
Who is Emmanuel Kachele?
Emmanuel Kachele is an English Language and Literature Teacher from Tanzania. He attended Primary and Secondary Education in Sumbawanga Rural before moving to Kantalamba High School. In 2011, he graduated his B.A(Ed) from The University of Dodoma. Since 2011, he has been teaching English language and Literature for both ‘Ordinary’ and ‘Advanced’ Level Schools in Tanzania. Currently, he is teaching English and Literature at Karema High School, in Eastern part of Tanzania.
One of his English poems appeared in the Tanzania’s leading Magazine for the youth, FEMINA in 2013 where he also contributed the best letter to the editor. He has also been regularly submitted Swahili poems in a Tanzania’s major annual Swahili Poetry Competition known as The Ebrahim Hussein Poetry Prize, and another Swahili poem has featured in the Regional Quarterly Newspaper Mpanda Leo in July–September 2017 Edition. Because of his love for writing creative works, he teaches his students how to appreciate literary works in Literature and creative writing.
He is also a diarist since 2008. For him, every year has its diary. He is in love with recording and writing things down. He encourages his students to keep diaries because of their influence in modern generation and creative writing.
He also runs a blog: www.kacheleonline.com, where he shares his English Language and Literature teaching and learning experiences. Students and teachers use this blog to find out resourceful teaching and learning resources.

Contact Address:
Emmanuel Kachele,
P.O.Box 155,
Mob: 0765884936
Email: kacheleimma@gmail.com

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