About Blogger

About Blogger

Emmanuel Alkado Kachele (Manny Kachele) is a UDOM Alumni and a teacher who has been teaching English language and Literature for both Private and Government Secondary Schools since 2008. He has taught English Language and Literature in Tuition Centres, Private Schools, and Government Schools in Rukwa, Iringa, Ruvuma, and Katavi respectively. In general, he has been known as English language and Literature teacher for 'O' Level and 'A' level respectively. 
He is currently teaching at Kabungu Secondary School, Tanganyika DC, Katavi.

Apart from being a blogger, Emmanuel Kachele is active on numerous social media platforms where you can always get in touch with him anytime through @mannykachele. He can answer all your questions about English Language and Literature.
He has now founded his own blog; Kachele Online Blog so that he can share more materials with the students and the teachers as well. In his Social Media Platforms, he shares his passion for diary keeping life and experiences.

Emmanuel Kachele

Emmanuel Kachele is a founder and Blogger of KACHELE ONLINE Blog, an educational blog where 'O' Level English - 'OLE', 'A' Level English (ALE) and other related teaching and life skills are shared extensively. This is an online center for all Tanzanian Secondary School English Language students and teachers (Forms I-VI) and all interested English Language learners and teachers worldwide.


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