LITERARY QUOTE #03: 'Betrayal in the City'

LITERARY QUOTE #03: 'Betrayal in the City'

We have no choice. Like caged animals, we move, but only inside the cageMr. Tumbo from “Betrayal in the City” (1976) 

Caged animals are those animals which are tamed or kept in a special cage where they can't go out or feel free to move the way they want, eat what they can find or do what they want to. 

Relevant Themes/Issues:
- Freedom of speech/expression
- Oppression 
- Torture
- Dehumanization 
- Dictatorship

For Example:
In Betrayal in the City, the playwright shows how people like Mosese are living like caged animals. They are imprisoned. They can't talk about anything. This is why, Mr. Tumbo who is somewhat the defender of Kafira State says that they have nothing to do because they are like caged animals. They have no freedom of speech or expression. 

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