My Fellow Teachers,
Holiday Time!
I hope you are fine and you are having a nice moment or with  your family or company wherever you are.

I hope you had nice Terminal Holiday 2017. I also hope that this was the right moment to take a break and reflect on how the teaching had gone for past five months, you can call it a half a year. May be you had a holiday or not, but any holiday break is a special time for the reflection and research of how the teaching was carried out and how it should be improved.
I know there were some remaining classes to teach (probably Form II & IV) but it was still a time to look back on what we have covered and how are we going to cover the second and last term of the year.

As for me, apart from having a holiday, I also tried to use my holiday to do the following:
- To go somewhere to breath a new and fresh air,
- To enjoy reading some books for my own time (If possible I'll let you know the books I have read at the end of the year),
Now Back To Business!
- Researching on what to improve my teaching career and  my blogging,
- To continue researching and adding something on my blogs so that when schools open we remain updated, and
- Working on my various stuffs apart from my teaching career. As you know, it is also important to have some activities beyond teaching!

You can always visit my blogs as there are still new things out there, coming out!

Finally, I welcome you all to my blogs once again when the schools are opened next week. I also welcome you to say anything on my blogs (suggesting, criticizing) because it is through your responses, we can get sustainable improvements.

The time for seriousness is around the corner!


Emmanuel Kachele

Emmanuel Kachele is a founder and Blogger of KACHELE ONLINE Blog, an educational blog where 'O' Level English - 'OLE', 'A' Level English (ALE) and other related teaching and life skills are shared extensively. This is an online center for all Tanzanian Secondary School English Language students and teachers (Forms I-VI) and all interested English Language learners and teachers worldwide.

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