Join 'TICHA TRICK' to discuss VERB RULE #01 in these Grammar Rules Series

Join 'TICHA TRICK' to discuss VERB RULE #01 in these Grammar Rules Series

Rule #01: Every verb has four principal parts:
(i)                 The Base form: Eg. eat, use and sing.
(ii)               The Present participle: Eg. eating, using, and singing.
(iii)             The Past tense: Eg. ate, used, and sang.
                  (iv)        The past participle: Eg. eaten, used, sung

Students’ Task
Allow the students to make a list of verbs and individually, in pairs or in groups ask them to write four important parts of each verb they have listed. For example, a teacher may guide students in pairs to come up with 20 English verbs and ask them to write the four parts of each verb.

Later, these pairs or groups can exchange their works with their fellow groups to check if they have written the four parts well by observing the spellings and other items of the words. A teacher can move around the students to check and help them when they need assistance.

This practice is good because various students will meet various verbs they do not know, and in that case they will have experienced the new vocabularies.

Emmanuel Kachele

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