LITERATURE QUESTION #02: "Poets are the teachers". Use two poems to discuss this point of view.

LITERATURE QUESTION #02: "Poets are the teachers". Use two poems to discuss this point of view.

Literature Question #02: "Poets are the teachers". Use two poems to discuss this point of view. (8 points)

This question requires students to define terms 'Poets' and 'Teachers' and elaborate the needs of the question. One of the question's needs is to show how poets become teachers in the society. In other words, the question is going to explore how the poets from two poems have tried to teach the society by using various issues or lessons.

Poets are the people who compose poems. Teachers are the people who teach or educate other people in the society. It's the truth that poets teach the society by making people aware of the various burning issues of the society. By using the poems YOU ARE LOST by Isaac Mruma and YOUR PAIN by Armando Guebuza, the poets have tried to teach the society as follows:

In YOUR ARE LOST, the poet has successfully tried to teach the society in the following ways:
Moral decay. Moral decay is the deterioration of the moral values of the particular society. Isaac Mruma in this poem has portrayed moral decay as a source of the fall of many core values of the society. He teaches people to retain the good morals of the society.
Selfishness. This is the situation whereby someone becomes greedy. In the poem, the poet has shown that some women are selfish because they want good things for themselves without considering the welfare of the other people. The poet teaches people not to be selfish.
Position of waman in the society.
Love affair.

Unity and solidarity.

Thus, what poets do is to teach the society in order to attain the development of the particular society. This is a proof that poets are the teachers of the society. The societies can develop if it has the artists like poets who can air out the cries of the people and make the society and its people responsible.

You can always have your own response so as to improve the question. The response given above is not the final. Let’s hear from you!

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