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This Section requires students to be equipped with the skills on language use. The students will be tested how to use correctly parts of speech, tenses, and compositions.
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Section A: Comprehension and Summary
Section B: Patterns and Vocabulary
Section D: Response to Reading
In this Section, students are concerned with the skills in two parts of English grammar:

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The skills required when tackling questions from this section are:
1.      Skills on rearranging the jumbled sentences. The students have identify and use appropriately the cohesive devices in order to rearrange the jumbled sentences.

The things to avoid when rearranging jumbled sentences:
  • Do not opt to use letters on both sides
  • Do not opt to use roman numbers on both sides
  • Do not violate the instructions given

Note: The students should have knowledge and skills of what is presented in the passage.
 2.      When answering Matching questions, students are required to match items in one list with items from a second list. For example:

List A
The kinds of verbs that have no regular '-d' or '-ed' past forms.
Unless you study hard,

List B
You won't pass
Irregular verbs

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When answering Matching questions, the students have to consider the following:
To read the directions/instructions carefully. This is because, not all the items in one column may be used, or sometime items may be used more than once.
Scan the columns. First, match items you are sure of. Then, match items you are less sure of.
For the remaining items, make sure your best guess.
The students should have the knowledge on various vocabularies commonly used in life. These vocabularies are like those discussed under the Section B: Patterns and Vocabulary.

Writing skills. When tackling writing or composition questions, students have to take the following into considerations:

All these writing skills have to be possessed by the students for the better understanding and tackling of the questions.

Language Use Section in Form Four National Examinations is tackled by students who have high command of English language including Good English grammar and composition skills. This means that the students should develop the tendency of learning English grammar and writing skills since the first day they started learning English in Form One.

The role of the teachers is to make sure students have practiced extensively in all major four language skills so that they can be fully equipped with the enough stock of English language vocabulary.

I wish you nice preparations for NECTA!
BELIEVE!     WORK HARD!         WIN!

NECTA (2012) Examiners' Report on the Performance of Candidates CSEE: 022 English Language (School Candidates), NECTA, Dar as Salaam.
Daniel, K (2003) Elements of Literature: Fourth Course with Readings in World Literature; Florida Edition, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Austin.

For Literature in English Subject, Check out LITERATURE IN ENGLISH BLOG. Also check out My Diary for Diary Writing Inspiration and More!

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