COMMONLY CONFUSED WORDS #04: Dual and Double (Adjectives)

COMMONLY CONFUSED WORDS #04: Dual and Double (Adjectives)

Both ‘Dual’ and ‘Double’ mean that two parts or aspects are included together in some way.
- Dual problem.
- Dual function. 
- Double problem. 
- Double function. 

Dual’ describes something that has two parts, uses or aspects. 
She has dual nationality (She is a citizen of two different countries).
1. He has dual role as composer and conductor.
2. She has dual purpose.
3. This matter has dual approach.
4. We have been given dual task.
5. Some people like dual citizenship.
6. Some auto parts have dual function.

Double’ has similar meaning with ‘dual’ but it can also describe something that is made for two people or two things or is twice as big as usual.
1. The room has double beds.
2. The government presented double figures.
3. There is construction of double roads.
4. The wire has a double thickness.
5. The house has double doors.
6. The government should not use double standards.

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