TEACHER DEVELOPMENT CLUB TIPS #14: Some 5 Ways to Improve Performance of English Language Subject in Secondary Schools

TEACHER DEVELOPMENT CLUB TIPS #14: Some 5 Ways to Improve Performance of English Language Subject in Secondary Schools

The question on 'How to Rise Performance of English Language Subject in Secondary Schools' needs to be addressed clearly. Thus, English Language Teachers should consider the use of the following Teaching and Learning Activities:

1. Use of Repetitive Exercises and Practices. Most of the Syllabus topics activities, exercises and practices are designed not to be learnt once by students. They need to be repeated. Students shouldn't be left with nothing to do. Exercises and various practices have to be repeated several times until they are mastered. In other words, students should repeat these exercises and practices until they start believing in them.
2. Use of Enough Grammar Drills. Mostly, drills are done in the class. It's a good idea to incorporate each grammar topic with a special class drill. The drills like these are also effective when they are applied across all four language skills. For instance, each tense should be accompanied by a certain drill to help students master it. As far as Language learning is concerned, teaching a topic without a drill, it's like pouring water into the leaking bucket.
3. Design and Use of English Language 'Speaking' Classes. Even if our schools have no Language Labs, 'Speaking Classes' can be locally created by decorating the class walls with enough T/L Materials like charts, maps, pictures and the like. Students have to be engaged in various speaking activities. We know English teachers have to the at the centre when it comes to speaking English with students. These speaking activities have to be extended in the class and outside the class.
4. Cultivation of Reading Habit to Students'. It's a fact that there are no enough Textbooks for some Subjects, but there is a lot of T/L texts. For examples, students' reading habit can be cultivated by helping them read English texts from various local resources like newspapers and other magazines like Fema. The reading habit helps them be conversant with English words.
5. Cultivation of Writing Skills to Students'. Our students should have enough time to play with words, English words. They can play with words through various activities like phrasing/rephrasing, sentence writing, paragraph writing, five-paragraph essay writing, essay writing, letter writing, creative writing(story, poem, short plays/dialogues) and other related writing tasks. Through playing with words, students can master English language spelling system, punctuation, and literary writing skills.

Do you have other ways in your mind? Let me know! Let us share various ways in order to improve the performance of English Language Subject in Secondary Schools.

Emmanuel Kachele

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