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Wide and Broad (Adjectives)

Both ‘Wide’ and ‘Broad’ talk about the size of something.


  • A wide river.

  • A broad range.

Wide’ is commonly used to talk about something that measures a long distance from one side to the other side.


  • This farm covers a wide area.

  • Jangwani is the wide street.

  • A wide range of choices.

  • River Rufiji is a very wide river.

  • There is a wide distance between two houses.

  • Most heavy-duty trucks need wide road.

Broad’ is often used to talk about parts of the body. It is used in more formal or written language to describe the features of the countryside, etc.


  • She wore a broad smile on her face.

  • John has a broad chest.

  • He has a broad back.

  • He has broad shoulders.

  • The students have to give our broad outline of ideas.

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