Adjective Questions 1 - 50

Adjective Questions 1 - 50

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1 - 50 Adjective Questions: 
[1] Our village has a ___________
A. local Post Office
B. local Office Post
C. Post local Office
[2] Dinner is __________. 
A. already 
B. all ready 
C. ready 
[3] All Mr. Mabula’s children are ________.
A. alike
B. likely
C. similar
[4] Those students are wearing _________ uniforms. 
A. black white 
B. black and white 
C. white black 
[5] The cost _________________.
A. factor is chief
B. is the chief factor
C. is the chief's factor 
[6] The _______________ in theft should be expelled. 
A. students involved
B. involved students
C. involving students
[7] All the ___________ reports about me are entirely fake.
A. publishing
B. publish
C. published
[8] There is ______________ about him.
A. something extraordinary
B. extraordinary something
C. something extraordinarily
[9] Ngugi wa Thiong'o has written one of the _________ works in the world.
A. famous literary
B. literary famous
C. famously literary 
[10] Most of the time children smash __________ objects.
A. glass heavy
B. heavily glass
C. heavy glass
[11] The shopkeeper said the phone was original. But there was _____________ in that phone.
A. nothing original
B. original nothing
C. nothing originally
[12] The lessons should be short and simple in order to avoid ______________ boredom to the students.
A. utterly
B. utter
C. uttered
[13] Industrialisation is a _______________ for economic development. 
A. principle factor 
B. principal's factor 
C. principal factor
[14] _____________ should refuse that mad offer.
A. Sensitive anyone
B. Anyone sensitive
C. Anyone sensitively 
[15] The _______________ for employment is on holiday.
A. responsible person
B. person responsible
C. responsibly person
[16] There is only one ______________.
A. availability appointment
B. appointment available
C. available appointment
[17] The cost__________ is very low.
A. concerned
B. concerns
C. concerning 
[18] All ____________ should apply for the job. 
A. interested applicants
B. interesting applicants
C. applicants interested
[19] Let’s find ___________________.
A. somewhere enjoyable
B. enjoyable somewhere
C. enjoyably somewhere
[20] The ______________ is that many rural areas have no Internet access.
A. problem underlying
B. underlying problem
C. problem underlaid
[21] Wema Sepetu has bought _________________.
A. expensive American car
B. American expensive car
C. expansive American car
[22] The stadium was _______________.
A. boring and overcrowded
B. overcrowded and boring
C. overcrowded and boredom
[23] The leaders cannot receive _________ responses from the people they lead.
A. resembled
B. alike
C. similar
[24] The ____________ is horrible.
A. present state of affairs
B. present affairs of the state
C. state of affairs present
[25] There is ______ time for preparation.
A. few
B. little 
C. small 
[26] He fell from a _____ height.
A. long
B. great
C. large
[27] He died a _____ death.
A. glorified
B. glorious
C. glorifying
[28] We hope that you will be _____________ with our service.
A. satisfactory
B. satisfied
C. satisfying
[29] Don't listen to her. She is a ______ liar.
A. main
B. big
C. large
[30] ________  accusation is true.
A. None
B. Non
C. Neither
[31] He is still a child. He can't walk any _________.
A. further
B. farther
C. farthermore
[32] The Coach was dismissed and no ___________ reasons were given.
A. further
B. farther
C. furthermore
[33] It's better to be a man of _______ words.
A. less
B. little
C. few
[34] All countries should apply ___________ strategies to contain the spread of Coronavirus.
A. enhancing
B. enhanced
C. enhancement
[35] The judge gave him a ________________ for his crime.
A. sentence maximum
B. sentence maximumly 
C. maximum sentence
[36] He is sitting on the ___________chair.
A. wooden red
B. red woody
C. red wooden
[37] I brought some _________ balloons for my kids. 
A. small round 
B. round small 
C. round's small 
[38] She has ________________ hair. 
A. curled long black 
B. long curled black 
C. long black curled 
[39] My grandfather is ____________  man who like telling stories.
A. a lovely old
B. an old lovely
C. a lovely older
[40] I like politics but the reliable candidate is the one I am ________ on.
A. keen
B. interested
C. liking
[41] We have run out of food. We don't have _______ left.
A. some
B. little
C. any
[42] The ____________ foreign minister will be welcomed by his host at the airport.
A. visiting
B. visitor's
C. visited
[43] We sell both large and ______________ T-shirts.
A. large extra
B. larger extra 
C. extra large
D. extra larger 
[44] Every stadium must have sufficient ___________ rooms. 
A. change
B. changing
C. changer
[45] The ___________ will take an oath next month.
A. President-elect
B. President elect
C. President elected
D. President's elect
[46] Our grandparents used to tell us _________________ stories.
A. short charming traditional
B. traditional charming short
C. charming traditional short
[47] The police want to see the _____________.
A. involved people
B. people involved
C. involving people
[48] During political campaigns and rallies, candidates should avoid giving _____________ remarks.
A. inflammation
B. inflammatory
C. inflammable
[49] H.E Samia Suluhu Hassan was a CCM ______________ running mate.
A. presidential candidate
B. presidential candidate's
C. presidential's candidate
[50] She has a very beautiful __________ table. 
A. dressed 
B. dressing 
C. dress

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