General Summary of 'O' Level Literature

General Summary of 'O' Level Literature


For Students, Summary is a good thing especially in the times of preparation for final exams. Kachele Online has compiled the general summaries for both Ordinary Level English Language and Literature in English Subjects. These summaries are also useful for the teachers who wish to remind their students of the important ideas for the subject and for the particular items of each subject. 

This General Summary of 'O' Level Literature consists of the following: 
01. 'O' level English Language Class Readers: 

02. 'O' Level English Language Novels: 

03. 'O' Level English Language Plays: 

04. 'O' Level English Language Poems: 

(a) Song of Lawino: 

(b) Growing Up with Poetry: 

(c) Summons: 

Happy revision!

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-"A Comprehensive Handbook for Ordinary Level Literature" book (PDF)
-"A Comprehensive Handbook for Ordinary Level Literature in English" book (PDF)


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