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We have compiled the vocabulary words in this way because  letters 'J', 'K', and 'L' are adjacent to each other in the English alphabet, and we encourage you to learn them together in January. Grab your good dictionary (preferably English - English Dictionary), Thesaurus, or Google each of these vocabularies and enjoy their meanings and uses.  


  • Jackpot =  Bonanza, prize, reward, winnings, stakes
  • Jaguar = (n) Puma, panther, lynx, tiger, cougar 
  • Jam = (n) Trouble, problem 
  • Jam = (v) Obstruct, clog, stall
  • Jammed = (adj) Crowded, packed, jam-packed
  • Javelin (n) Kind of spear 
  • Jazz = (n) Style of music
  • Jealous = (adj) Desirous, envious
  • Jeep =  (n) Land Rover
  • Jigsaw = (v) cut, rip an object, separate, split
  • Jihad = (n) Jehad 
  • Jog = (v) dash, sprint, trot, pace.
  • Jot = (v) note, write, list, record, jot down
  • Journal = (n) Publication, magazine, paper 
  • Journalist = (n) correspondent, reporter, writer, columnist, press, commentator
  • Judo =   (n) karate, wrestling, kick boxing, kung fu
  • Juggle = (v) shuffle, alter, mislead, falsify
  • Jumble = (v) mix up, confuse, disorganize


We encourage you to stay with us in the series of these vocabulary words. We strongly hope that if you stay with us for the whole year, you will be able to have a large storage of English words at the end of the year. Having enough vocabulary words will help you express yourself precisely in both spoken and written English. 

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