English is so easy! Check out These Swahili Words That Sound Like English Words: Part 10

English is so easy! Check out These Swahili Words That Sound Like English Words: Part 10

In fact, these words were originated from English Language. However, if you are a Swahili Speaker, these words are a proof that you are already speaking English. Thus, you just need to learn some Basic English Grammar skills to be competent in both spoken and written English. Learn more of these words in this Part Ten of this series. Good luck!

Swahili word  English Word

1. Droo - Drawer

2. Dripu - Drip

3. Dozi - Dose

4. Hosteli - Hostel

5. Hospitali - Hospital

6. Dispensari - Dispensary

7. Rimoti - Remote

8. Feni - Fan

9. Friwili - Freewheel

10. Foili - Four Wheel

11. Faulo - Foul

12. Rafu - Rough

13. Penati - Penalty

14. Feki - Fake

15. Fensi - Fence

16. Futbo - Football

17. Swichi - Switch

18. Bendi - Band

19. Padri - Padre

20. Nyuklia - Nuclear

You can also learn more about English Grammar via Kachele Online Blog.

Good Luck!


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