How to Upload a PDF File to a Blogpost ( in 17 Easy Steps

How to Upload a PDF File to a Blogpost ( in 17 Easy Steps


If you are a Blogger and you want to upload your files into your blog, these 17 steps will be helpful for you! 

01. Convert your file into PDF Format (if it is not in PDF format).


02. Upload the PDF file (you have converted) to Google Drive. (You may create a specific folder for the files of this kind for easy access).


03. Open a Google Drive.


04. Go to the PDF file (you want to upload to a Blogger) and right-click the file.


05. Click ‘Share

(See the image below)


06. Then, click the arrow in front of the word ‘Restricted’ and select ‘Anyone with the link.’

(See the image below)


07. Copy the link and click ‘Done’.

(See the image below)


08. Paste a link you have copied somewhere (e.g. Microsoft Word) for more works:

Example of a link you may have copied from your Google Drive:


09. Copy a link text between /d/ and /view, that is: 13q-6AYpMaHjca2JvtTweyzQwTlcHVI-e from the link in 08 above.


10. In this given link (From Google) below, paste this link text ‘13q-6AYpMaHjca2JvtTweyzQwTlcHVI-e’ after equal signs’=’.

So, whenever you want to upload to the Blogger, you must use this given link from Google Drive to make every file.


11. So, the final/completed link will be as follows:


12. Now, go to your blog and ‘COMPOSE A NEW POST’. Add the description of your post in the ‘Compose Area’, and at the end of your post, you can tell your readers this;

You can download the Full Exam HERE! By doing this, you want the readers to click the word ‘HERE’ and download the exam after clicking it.


13. Thus, to link the word ‘HERE’ with the file in your Google Drive so that it can be downloaded after clicking it, copy the link you have created in 11 above.


14 Highlight the word ‘HERE’ and click the file sign:

(See the image below)


15. This dialog box below will appear. Paste the link below this dialog box and write the word ‘HERE’ above (in ‘Text to display).

(See the image below)


16. Click ‘APPLY’ and the word ‘HERE’ will be highlighted in blue. Submit/Save/update the blogpost.


17. Open the blogpost and click the link to check if it is okay! (If the file is downloadable).


Final words

Make sure you copy the link correctly and don’t leave spaces. By doing these common mistakes, your file in Google Drive will not be linked to your blog post, and your blog readers will be discouraged to find out that the link you told them to click is functionless. Therefore, in order to keep your blog readers satisfied, you have to be careful and always test your link to prove yourself.

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