Tuesday, 5 September 2017

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     Conjunction Rule #04. Coordinating conjunctions come in between the individual words, phases, and independent clauses.

Words + words
Juma and Asha
You and I
Juma or Asha
Phrases + phrases
The landlord and the tenant
TV programme or Radio station
We will meet at the beach or at the hotel
Independent clauses + independent clauses
I went to school, yet I was late
I was late, so I was punished
I’m tall, but my sister is short

Students’ Task;
Fill in the appropriate conjunctions in the blanks:
  1. Asha ____ Juma long-time friends
  2. He was drunk, ______ he managed to cross the bridge
  3. School Administration _______ students’ government
  4. Teacher told us to write assignments individually ______ in groups
  5. You have failed Mock exams, ______ you can pass National exams

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