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These are helpful Grammar tips for both teachers and English Language Learners. These important tips cover many grammar aspects by defining and giving more examples for each aspect.
- SP: She plays a table tennis.
- PC: He is writing a letter.
- PP: He has eaten my cake.

- SP: John has fixed my car.
- PC: Rose was sweeping the floor.
- PP: Soldiers had taken the oath.

- SF: I will kill the snake.
- FP: They will have eaten mangoes.

Meanings of the initials used in this A to Z Grammar Tip:
- SP: Simple Present
- PC: Present Continuous
- PP: Present Perfect
- SP: Simple Past
- PC: Past Continuous
- PP: Past Perfect
- SF: Simple Future
- FP: Future Perfect

NB: The following sentences can't be changed into Passive Voices:
- Present Perfect Continuous Tense,
- Past Perfect Continuous Tense,
- Future Perfect Continuous Tense,
- Future Continuous Tense, and
- Intransitive Vern Sentences

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