Learning & Teaching 'CONJUNCTIONS' - 'O' - LEVEL ENGLISH

Learning & Teaching 'CONJUNCTIONS' - 'O' - LEVEL ENGLISH

By definition, conjunctions are words and phrases that link two or more clauses in one sentence.

Types of Conjunctions
There are three conjunctions in English
1.                  Coordinating Conjunctions. These are words and phrases that join two or more independent clauses to form compound sentence. Coordinating conjunctions mean that two things deserve equal attention.
For example:
My hat is good, but it is old.
You and I are friends.

Remember: “FANBOYS”
F- For
N- Nor
B- But
O- Or
Y- Yet
S- So
2.                  Subordinating Conjunctions. These are words and phrases that introduce a dependent clause and tie it to an independent clause. Remember: Dependent clause cannot stand alone while Independent clause can stand alone and bring the meaning by itself.
For example:
Even if you have failed, you will study other courses.
If you fail, you will not get a job.
In the second sentence; (‘If you fail’ is a dependent clause that needs to be tied to ‘you will not get a job’ so that it can bring the complete meaning).

Remember: “AAAWWUBBIS”
A- As
W- When
W- While
U- Until
B- Before
I- If
S- Since

These conjunctions above are just few. Some others are: whenever, though, in order to, unless, during, whatever, even if, even though, and others.

3.                  Correlative Conjunctions. These are pairs of conjunctions that must be used together to bring the cohesion and meaning as whole.
For example:
Both Juma and John are going to University.
I will not only eat chapatti, but also I will drink Coke.

Not only/but also
As many/as
No sooner/than

Remember the names: “BRANNESS TOWS”
B- Both/and
R- Rather/than
A- As/as
N- Neither/nor
N- No sooner/than
E- Either/or
S- So/that
S- Such/that

TO- Too/to
W- Whether/or
S- Scarcely/when

Stay tuned for CONJUNCTION RULES that will come follow!

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