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Check the following sub topics that have been covered in Form One:

  1. Listening to and understanding simple texts on events  
  2. Listening to, and understanding simple texts on situations
  3. Listening to dictations
  4. Stating directions - Part 1
  5. Stating directions - Part 2
  6. Using a Dictionary
  7. Expressing personal routine/habits
  8. Expressing group routine/habits
  9. Talking about on-going activities
  10. Expressing likes/dislikes
  11. Expressing preferences
  12. Expressing family relations
  13. Talking about occupations of family members
  14. Talking about ownership or possession
  15. Describing physical appearance
  16. Describing character - Part 1
  17. Describing character - Part 2
  18. Expressing personal opinions  
  19. Expressing state of health – Part 1 
  20. Expressing state of health – Part 2 
  21. Expressing feelings  
  22. Expressing past activities 
  23. Expressing past events  
  24. Talking about future plans/activities
  25. Intensive reading 
  26. Interpreting simple stories  
  27. Interpreting poems  
  28. Analysing information from the media  
  29. Analysing non-factual information from the media  
  30. Writing friendly letters  
  31. Writing notes from oral texts  
  32. Filling in forms  
  33. Writing things in a diary  

Click Here to Download the Previews of each ‘O’ Level English Revision Below:

01.General ‘O’ Level Revision  

02.Hawathe Bus Driver  

03.Kaluluthe Hare  

04.PassedLike a Shadow  



07.TheLion and the Jewel

08.Songof Lawino  




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1. Introduction to Literature

2. Analysis of ‘O’ Level Class Readers for Form One & Form Two.

     - Hawa the Bus Driver

     - Kalulu the Hare

3. Analysis of ‘O’ Level English Novels

     -Passed like a Shadow

     -Unanswered Cries

4. Analysis of ‘O’ Level English Plays

      - The Black Hermit

     -The Lion and the Jewel

5. Analysis of ‘O’ Level English Poems

- Song of Lawino  

- Lost Beauty


- Eat More 

- Ballad of the Landlord 

- If We Must Die 

- Your Pain 

- An Abandoned Bundle


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