After spending four (or five years for Schools with Pre-Form One Year), Form Four Students are finally reaching their destination for 'O' Level Secondary School Education. It's in everyone's mind that four years spent should bring fruitful results as well. That's why the following examination tips are useful for Form Four Students and parents, teachers, friends and relatives who may wish to encourage and give advice to the Form Four Students:
Important Examination Tips:
A Form Four Student should do the following before starting exams, during examination time:
1. Enough time to study
Don't wait until the last minutes. Study now. Remember that although last-minute cramming helps, but it's wiser to utilize the time you have to study. Manage your time and follow your timetable to the maximum. 

2. Study and attempt Old Exams
If you want to be a good hunter, you have to ask the experiences from best or old hunters. To study past exams is one of the best practices to tackle new exams. 

3. Give if you want to get. 
Try to have a time to explain your answers to others: parents, classmates, friends, teachers, and relatives. By explaining to them what you have learnt, you are giving yourself more exercises of what you have learnt so far. Explaining to them is not wasting your time. It's a practice of what you have already. 

4. Discussion groups. 
Form or participate various tudy groups with your friends. In these study groups, one can get numerous experiences that he/she didn't have before. Some people who have been to school before will always remember how one day or few hours before exam they found out what to write in the exam from their friends in their discussion groups. In these groups, you can ask questions and explain other things to them. 

5. Avoid unnecessary distractions
Here distractions are those things which can  prevent you from doing what you want or what is right on a particular moment. For example, you should reduce the time you spend with your friends and other family members. If you play a football, volleyball or pool a lot, or if you play games; for this examination time you should think about reducing them. Don't worry because you will surely return to them when you finish your exams. 

6. Take break
If you follow your timetable for exams, you will probably get exhausted. It's normal to get exhausted because you use extra strength to tackle the matter that's in front of you. Thus, taking break is very important. Make sure that before you take a break, you have covered the issues that are on your timetable. Also make sure you have a 'to-do list' all the time. 

7. Drink more water
Remember that you are working under tight timetable so as you can reach your goals. Also being well hydrated is very important for your brain. So, make sure you drink plenty of water for each day so as to make you study at best. Drink water when you study and on the examination day as well. 

Finally, I would like to wish all FORM FOUR Students a success in their exams this year. 
Don't forget to pass through FORM FOUR ENGLISH LANGUAGE EXAMINATION Sections at: for your free review of the whole format and sections of Form Four English Language National Examination. 

Good luck! 


Emmanuel Kachele

Emmanuel Kachele is a founder and Blogger of KACHELE ONLINE Blog, an educational blog where 'O' Level English - 'OLE', 'A' Level English (ALE) and other related teaching and life skills are shared extensively. This is an online center for all Tanzanian Secondary School English Language students and teachers (Forms I-VI) and all interested English Language learners and teachers worldwide.


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