The List of Topics for BASELINE: Orientation Course for Form One Students – 2019

The List of Topics for BASELINE: Orientation Course for Form One Students – 2019

Here is a full list of LANGUAGE topics for Form One Students’ Orientation Course to be taught in the Academic Year 2019.
Main Topic 1 – ME AND MY LIFE (Pages 1 – 39 for Teacher’s Book & Pages 1 – 13 for Students’ Book)
  1. My family
  2. My day
  3. My likes and dislikes
  4. My home
  5. My future plans
  6. My old school
  7. Stories from my country
  8. My life at secondary school
  9. My hopes and dreams
  10. My English

Also, English teacher may be interested in incorporating the following topics in his/her teaching of Form One Orientation Course because they help students to learn more vocabulary related to various real life experiences:
Main Topic 10 – WORLD OF WORK (pp. 352 – 393 for Teacher’s Book & 141 – 156 for Students’ Book)
  1. Types of work
  2. Responsibilities in the family
  3. Personal qualities for work
  4. Skills for work
  5. Tools for work
  6. Sectors of work
  7. Job seeking skills
  8. Different professions
  9. Institutions
  10. Entrepreneurship

NB: A teacher may use these topics to research more relevant materials from various sources in order to have in-depth coverage of all necessary skills for Form One Orientation Course.

Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (2015) Baseline: Orientation Course for Form One – Students’ Book, Science, Mathematics and Social Sciences, MoeVT, Dar es Salaam

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