COMMONLY CONFUSED WORDS #02: Borrow and Lend (Verbs)

COMMONLY CONFUSED WORDS #02: Borrow and Lend (Verbs)

Both ‘Borrow’ and ‘Lend’ are used to talk about the act of exchanging things. These two words are often confused.

Borrow’ means to borrow something from someone else. That is, you ask something from someone else.
1. Can I borrow your pen?
(Don’t say: Can I lend your pen?)
2. Yesterday, I borrowed money from bank.

Lend’ means the act of someone else to lend something to you. Thus, they lend it to you.
* Person A: Can I borrow your pen?
* Person B: Here I’ll lend you my pen.
(Don’t say: Here I’ll borrow you my pen).

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