10 Best Salutations To Begin Your Speech

10 Best Salutations To Begin Your Speech

(1) My dear brothers and sisters: Or My dear UDOM brothers and sisters. 

(2) Dear Comrades: Or Dear Comrade Joshua, Dear friends, Dear comrade delegates, Dear delegates, Dear guests, Dear Guests of the Meeting. 

(3) Honoured Comrades, members of the Committee: Or Honoured Comrade delegates. 

(4) Esteemed Comrade Joshua: Or Esteemed comrades, Esteemed Guests, Esteemed leaders of this Ruling Party, and Esteemed delegates to this Meeting. 

(5) Deeply respected Comrade Joshua: Or Deeply respected comrades. 

(6) Respected comrade delegates: Or Respected UDOM friends, Respected Foreign guests, Respected Invited Guests. 

(7) Dear fraternal delegates: Or Dear fraternal delegates from brother parties, Delegations from fraternal parties. 

(8) Chairman of the Union: Or Secretary of the Union, members of the Union, honoured delegates and friends of the Union. 

(9) President John Magufuli: Or Vice President Samia Suluhu Hassan, Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa, all delegates, invited guests and friends. 

(10) Honourable Members of the Committee, Honourable members of the Law Chamber, Other Honoured delegates, guests and friends. 

Note: Dear is the most common word in speech writing and presentation. It can be used almost before you mention important people in the course of your speech. For example, you can use it in the following ways: 
Dear deeply respected guests, 
Dear respected members of the party, 
Dear Honoured fellows, 
Dear Esteemed brothers and sisters, 
Dear Chairperson, 
Dear Secretary of State, 

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