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12 Telephone Making Phrasal Verbs
(1) Ring up
It means to call someone by a phone or to telephone someone. 
  • I will ring you up when I see her. 
  • Ring me up as soon as you get home. 
(2) Get through 
To reach or contact by using the telephone. It's followed by 'to'. 
  • Boss tried to call me but he couldn't get through. 
  • I can't get through to him. His phone is not available. 
(3) Put through 
To make a telephone connection for someone. 
  • Put me through to Transport Officer. 
  • I'll put you through in a minute. 
  • 'Put me through now,' Boss said. 
(4) Call back
To recall someone by phone. 
  • He called back after 30 minutes. 
  • Please call me back when you are ready. 
(5) Pick up
To lift or take up a phone. 
  • He refused to pick up the phone. 
  • She didn't pick up the phone. 
(6) Hang up 
To break a telephone call/connection by replacing the receiver on the hook. 
  • I hung up the phone when Amina entered. 
  • Please, don't hang up! 
(7) Break up
To discontinue the call. To put an end to the call. 
  • My call was broken up before I finished talking to my uncle. 
  • Bad weather can lead to telephone break up. 
(8) Cut off 
To stop suddenly. To discontinue the call. To interrupt or intercept the phone call. 
  • They had to cut off my call. 
  • My telephone call was cut off before I finished talking. 
(9) Hang on 
To wait briefly. To keep a telephone line open as you wait to continue speaking. 
  • Hang on, I'll see if she's in her office. 
  • Hang on, I'll be back to you soon. 
(10) Hold on 
To keep a telephone connection open by not hanging up the receiver. 
  • She told me to hold on while she was checking my account number. 
  • Hold on! 
(11) Speak up
It means raise your voice. 
  • Please speak up. I can't hear you. 
  • You've to speak up. There's a lot of noises here. 
(12) Take a call
To answer or receive a telephone call. 
  • She refused to take my call. 
  • Some companies do not take customers' call. 

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