SIMPLE TEACHING GUIDE #1: 8 Stages on Teaching “Listening to and understanding simple texts on events”

SIMPLE TEACHING GUIDE #1: 8 Stages on Teaching “Listening to and understanding simple texts on events”

Class: Form One

The Full Teaching Guide of the topic was posted on January 21, 2017. The following are 8 stages on teaching this sub topic: 
(1) Create and supply the gapped text to the students.
(2) Read the gapped text to the students and let them fill in the blanks as they listen. See Magomeni Village story. 
(3) Create and read another kind of gapped text to the students. Before you read, tell them what the text is all about. Again as you read, encourage them to fill in the blanks. You can use the Magomeni Village story as an example. 
(4) Write the Magomeni Village story on the board and tell the students to identify and correct the misspelled words. See the exercise on the misspelled words
(5) Prepare the questions. Guide students to form two groups and allow each group to prepare the questions on the text you have chosen. Group A will ask Group B questions and Group B will ask Group A questions in return. These should be answered orally. See Sample Group questions.  
(6) Test students with more listening skills and drills. It is important to engage students in the listening skills because it is the basic language skills for the students who learn Second language like English.
(7) Test them with writing practice skills and drills as they identify misspelled words and write correct spellings.
(8) Also test them with the speaking skills as they respond to oral questions and ask themselves questions respectively.

Final Words
For questions, comments, suggestions, or opinions, please drop it here and we will discuss it together!

I wish you a happy teaching!

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