23 Types of Books [Choose Your Favourite Type of Book To Find and Read]

23 Types of Books [Choose Your Favourite Type of Book To Find and Read]

There are various kinds of books. The learners, readers and writers like different kinds of books.
The following list show 23 kinds of books that are good for both learners, readers and writers:

(1) Almanac 
This is an annual calendar of dates and events. It also includes useful statistics and other important information. 

(2) Anthology 
It is a collection of writings by one author or on a theme, such as an anthology of poems or short stories. 

(3) Atlas 
It is a book of maps. 

(4) Autobiography 
Refers to an account of a person's life written by himself or herself. 

(5) Bibliography 
It is a list of books or or sources on a particular subject. 

(6) Biography 
It is a book about someone's life written by another person. 

(7) Chronology 
It is a dictionary of dated events. 

(8) Dictionary 
It is an alphabetical list of Words and their meanings. There are also dictionaries on a single subject, for example 'Dictionary of Art' or 'Computer Dictionary' 

(9) Dictionary of Quotations 
Refers to a listing of interesting remarks or extracts from the writings of famous people. 

(10) Directory 
It is an alphabetical list of names and addresses of people or organisations. 

(11) Encyclopedia 
It is a book of articles on many subjects, arranged alphabetically. Encyclopedias are often published in many volumes or, today, on CD-ROM or on the Internet. 

(12) Gazetteer 
It is a book that lists and describes places (countries, cities, etc). 

(13) Glossary 
It is a list of Words and phrases used in a particular subject area, for instance 'A Glossary of Computer Terms'. 

(14) Language dictionary 
This is a dictionary that gives translations of words and phrases to and from other languages, for example a 'French-English/English-French Dictionary'. 

(15) Monograph 
This is a book on a specialised subject, such as the work of a particular artist. 

(16) Novel 
It is a work of fiction, usually involving imaginary people and places. A historical novel may be about real historical characters. 

(17) Novella 
It is a short work of fiction. 

(18) Phrasebook 
This is a book for travellers, with translations of words and phrases into and from a foreign language. 

(19) Pop-up book
It is a book, usually for children, made so that pictures stand up or move when the pages are opened. 

(20) Thesaurus 
It is a book organised to show words with similar meanings. 

(21) Travel Guide
This is a book of information about a particular country or area. 

(22) Who's who or biographical dictionary
This is the alphabetical summaries of the lives of famous people, living or dead, sometimes by their subjects (such as a Dictionary of Scientists). 

(23) Yearbook 
This is annual reference book with information about the ev9of the previous year. Yearbooks containing statistical information about a country are often called Abstracts.

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