Written by Said Haji of Eazy Tecno Maarifa 

Mwalimu Emmanuel Alkado Kachele, who is the Headmaster of Sibwesa Secondary School, won this award on 1st May 2021, at Katavi Region Workers' Day Ceremony that was held on this day at Kashaulili Primary School grounds in Mpanda Town. 

He won this award after being recognised for his consistent academic contribution to Tanganyika District and his growing support for English Language teaching and learning through his Blog, App, and Social Media Platforms in Tanganyika District, Katavi Region, Tanzania, and elsewhere in the world.

Shortly after winning this award, he spoke to Tanganyika District Education Officer and expressed his feelings: "This recognition means a lot to me. I didn't expect it. I left the Kashaulili Primary School grounds speechless. I promise you that I will use my expertise, experience, position, & Kachele Online Blog to continue educating & helping as always."

Speaking to Sibwesa Secondary School teachers, Mwalimu Kachele said "This victory is not for me. This victory is for people around me who give me cooperation especially you my fellow Sibwesa Secondary School teachers."

He went on and thanked his fellow teachers of the schools he has taught such as Lukima Secondary School (Mbinga, Ruvuma), Mwese Secondary School (Mpanda, Katavi), Karema Secondary School (Mpanda, Katavi), and Sibwesa Secondary School (Mpanda, Katavi). He also thanked all Language English Language Department Members of these schools.

He also extended his thanks to Katavi Regional Commissioner, Comrade Juma Zuberi Homera; Region Education Office, Tanganyika District Education Office, Moshi Suleiman Kakoso (MP), CWT Katavi Region, CWT Tanganyika District, Tahossa Katavi Region, Tahossa Tanganyika District, Sibwesa Ward leadership as well as all the students.

When asked about what he can do with this award, Mwalimu Kachele said; "I am going to invest more on my blog and launch Kachele Online App so that I can reach more students and teachers." 

If you want to teach or learn English well, you can contact Mwalimu Kachele through his Blog, App, and Social Media Platforms as @mannykachele. 


The writer of this article is a Staff Member at Sibwesa Secondary School. He teaches English Language, Literature, Geography and ICT. 

You can get in touch with him through his Blog: Eazy Tecno Maarifa and his Social Media Platforms as @rokihaji

Mob: +255620-743-541/+255754-224-559






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