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"It's a common phenomenon that rulers always don't give room to their subordinates to prosper. Refering to two novels you have studied show the truth of this statement."

Ruler is a person who rules or commands his/her people in a given community, society or a country. Because of constant pressure from critics and the people they lead, many rulers decide not to give room for their subordinates/people to prosper. The following are evidences from the novels 'Houseboy' by Ferdinand Oyono and 'The Old Man the Medal' by the same author show how it is a common phenomenon for the rulers not to give room to their subordinates to prosper: 

In 'Houseboy', the following are evidences: 
Oppression of the poor because of their social status. In this novel, author has portrayed the White rulers as oppressors who unjustly treat Toundi and other Africans because of their low social status.
Exploitation of the poor. The rulers make sure their subordinates do not own major means of production. In this novel, Toundi, Sophia and others are poor because white rulers have unfairly denied them all major means of economy. 
Racial discrimination. This is an unfair treatment of a person or group on the basis of race. In the novel, white rulers racially discriminate Africans because of their colour. Toundi is also racially discriminated. 

On the other hand, in 'The Old Man and the Medal', the following are the evidences: 
Denial of human rights. For instance, in this novel, author has portrayed how Africans are denied of many human rights. Meka is even denied the right of having the medal of the high status. 
Alienation. To accomplish their dominance, rulers have also alienated Africans from various economic, social and cultural privileges. In the novel, for example, Africans are not freely mixed with the White man in residences. Meka lives in Africans' area while White men live separately. 
Hypocrisy. In this case, the white rulers are hypocritical in many aspects. They pretend to be good to Africans in order to continue keeping them low. For example, they pretend to be the men of God while they are terrible sinners like Fr. Vandermayer. 
Therefore, all these efforts are done to the subordinats in order to keep the rulers in leading position in almost every aspect of life. The rulers' intention is not to allow their subordinates/people to prosper because when they do that, they will threaten their hegemony.

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