I AM IN LOVE WITH SCIENCE (An Inspirational Poem for Students)

I AM IN LOVE WITH SCIENCE (An Inspirational Poem for Students)

By Clinton Daniel (a Student)

I am in love with CHEMISTRY.
Our love is like an atom.
Neither created.
Nor destroyed.
But I love its stability.
I am in love with PHYSICS.
She is static electricity.
She flows like current electricity.
She rests in my heart with capacity.
She is sweet like honey.
I am in love with MATHEMATICS.
She calculates equations.
She studies quadratic expressions.
She is ready to find solutions,
whenever there is a difficult calculation.
I am in love with BIOLOGY.
She is my pumping organ.
She pumps me the plasma of love.
She moves in my heart like blood.
I will always love her like blood circulation.


This poem was composed by a Form II Student at Sibwesa Secondary School, 2021. The poem is about the love he has for science subjects. This poem is also an encouragement for other students to like science subjects. Of course, he likes science subjects, English Language and Computer Studies. He also likes to play football, especially in the midfielder’s position. One day, he wishes to become an architect engineer.

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  1. This poem by Daniel is real inspirational.I whole heartedly love it.

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