The History of My Drawing Talent and Its Impacts on My Blogging Career Today

The History of My Drawing Talent and Its Impacts on My Blogging Career Today

I started drawing when I was a small kid. However, my drawing talent was not seen by many until I started Standard One in 1995. Before that, I was just a small kid who used to take a stick and start drawing on the earths surface or on the walls of the houses. When I was taking care of familys goats, I drew various shapes on the sands. In most of our families, kids are the ones who take of the goats. Cows are taken care by the adults. When I started Standard One at Myunga Primary School in Kalambo District, Rukwa, I met Mwalimu Cleophas Chazyamaka and Mwalimu Kauzeni. These teachers were good drawers. I remember one day, Mwalimu Chazyamaka drew a head of man on the blackboard and he laballed it with its parts. From that moment, I thought, So, we can draw at school as well! After this revelation, I was very interested with how the teacher drew the head of a man on the blackboard and my drawing talent started to grow.


(I drew this cartoon in 2012 and it means a lot to me today. When I was drawing it for my own inspiration about the importance of education, I didn't know that I was really creating the big picture for my future. Now, my whole life is focused on teaching, reading and writing)

I drew this picture in 2008.

I also tried to be a cartoonist for school.

Impacts on My Blogging Career Today

My drawing talent is still living and it has the following impacts on my Blogging Career today: 

01. Concentration habit

First, I still use the drawing talent to do many things, personal and work. It is said that drawers (fine artists) are people who like to concentrate on what they are doing. I am also still the kind of that person. When I do anything, I concentrate too much. At work, students and teachers say I am too serious all the time. But that is not always true; I also have time to enjoy with others. The problem is that when I concentrate, I really do that. 

02. Perfection of my office work

I am a teacher. I teach English Language and Literature. I also do other administrative and occupational works apart from teaching. Whenever I encounter an activity that needs drawing like charts, maps, figures, tables, and various shapes, I do it in a perfect way. This is why drawing helps me perfect my office work. 

03. Organization of my things

Drawing involves arranging, coordinating, and assembling very small parts and details into one single form. This habit belongs to anyone who draws or a fine artist. Because of this nature of arranging things, I have the habit of arranging things in a good order at home and at work as well. 

04. Improvement of Reading Habit

As I have pointed out above, drawing involves putting very small things together. Fine artists do this task on papers. They use papers, pens, pencils, crayons, rubbers and other drawing stuff. They are like writers who scribe words on papers, but for drawers, they draw various objects and shapes on papers instead of words. Just like writers who like to read as well, drawers who works on papers also like to read. So, this drawing habit has improved my reading habit. Every year I read books to gain more knowledge. 

05. Drawing for blog

Now, I can use my drawing talent to manage my blog and other blogging stuff.

In 2014, I gained an extensive knowledge on English Language and Literature through various trainings and workshops. Through these workshops, I came up with an idea of launching a blog in 2016. After becoming a blogger, my drawing talent has become the most fundamental aspect of my blogging career. Through this talent, I can create Graphics, designs, infographics, flyers, logos, and various things for the blog. 

Finally, drawing talent has many benefits. It can improve your own personal and career opportunities. Drawing talent can also be a source of income for some people. In towns and cities, we see many fine artists who create office stamps, write vehicle plate numbers, draw shop banners, print t-shirts, and decorate various things like vehicles and houses. If you have a drawing talent, do not waste it in any way. Use it to the fullest in order to improve yourself personally or professionally. 

Emmanuel Kachele

Emmanuel Kachele is a founder and Blogger of KACHELE ONLINE Blog, an educational blog where 'O' Level English - 'OLE', 'A' Level English (ALE) and other related teaching and life skills are shared extensively. This is an online center for all Tanzanian Secondary School English Language students and teachers (Forms I-VI) and all interested English Language learners and teachers worldwide.

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