Why men avoid women who talk too much

Why men avoid women who talk too much

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Why men avoid women who talk too much

The men avoid talkative women because of the following five circumstances:

The following are some of the reasons why men strongly avoid women who talk too much: 

1. They think they will oppose them in most of the things that require courageous decisions.

2. Men think that the talkative women can talk to anyone, and so they are easily seduced by other men.

3. Men think that these women cannot keep the secrets especially internal affairs.

4. Also, men think that women of these kinds are valuable business assets, but they fear they can betray them both in love and in business as well.

5. Men think that these talkative women can easily report various issues to the parents especially the things men think that should not reach the parents.

However, the talkative women are better than silent ones because men can always understand them easily. Silent women are as hard as rock when it comes to understanding them.

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