Notes on 'A' Level's "Selected Poems" (Poetry Book for English Language 2)

Notes on 'A' Level's "Selected Poems" (Poetry Book for English Language 2)



ABOUT THE EDITOR/COMPLIER. This poetry anthology is compiled and edited by the Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE) which is a Governmental Organization under the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. It’s the responsibility is to ensure the provision of quality of education in Tanzania in pre-school, primary, secondary and teacher training levels.

TITLE. The title of this poetry anthology is ‘Selected Poems. It is a simple and direct title that reflects the truth that the ‘selected poems’ in this anthology have been taken from various sources of literature in Africa and beyond so as to serve the need of poetry experience and appreciation for students and teachers.

BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE ANTHOLOGY. The anthology has various poems that help and teach the Secondary School students how to appreciate the different kinds of poems. The poems in this collection touch almost every aspect of life like love, nature, politics, traditions, modernity, colonialism, neo-colonialism, freedom, poverty, and position of women to mention a few. This anthology is a collection of Tanzanian, East African, African, and World poems that teach the students the experiences about African continent and beyond.

STRUCTURE OF THE ANTHOLOGY. The anthology has been divided into three main sections. First section is called Introduction. In introduction, there is the aims of the anthology, how to use the anthology, and an introduction to poetry reading and analysis in general. Second section is about the poems of the anthology themselves. This section has about 70 poems of different size, format, style, and content. The last section is Notes. This section has dealt with the explanation of difficult terms used in various poems in the anthology.

This anthology has about 68 poems of different size, format, style, and content. However, in this eBook, SEVEN common poems have been analysed.


To read all Notes, read Notes on “Selected Poems”

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