Notes on 'A' Level Theory of Literature (English Language 2)

Notes on 'A' Level Theory of Literature (English Language 2)




Literature as a separate discipline has been defined differently by several scholars. The simplest definition of literature is that it is simply anything that is written. So, textbooks, brochures, newspapers, manuals and so on are all forms of literature.


For instance, if you buy a Television Set, you will be given its instructions manual (it's literature). However, not any writing can be termed as 'literature' because for a composition to be called 'literature' it must have some literary values.



The term 'Literature' has been defined as follows:

(1) Literature is defined as a piece of writing that is valued as a work of art, especially novel, play, and poetry.

(2) Literature also refers to the creative and imaginative writing which is designed to engage readers emotionally and intellectually.

(3) Literature is a reflection of social, political, economic, and cultural realities.


Conclusively, there are various definitions of literature but all of them amount to one, that is, literature is an art that uses language creatively to portray social and personal experiences.


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