A Reminder on Underway Form One Orientation Course-2017.

Once again Katavi English Language teachers and other teachers, it is good to remind ourselves of the important things as far as our teaching profession is concerned. This time it is about New Two Orientation Course Books for Form One, both Teacher's Guide and Student's Book. These are new Orientation Course books, and after reading and going through them, it is sufficient to say these books are good and in the line with Competence Based Curriculum.

It is now advised that we should use them for our six-week Orientation Course for Form One in 2017. If you haven't yet received a copy or copies (and mostly soft copies), please consult the respective departments at your school or Head of School.
The complete book titles of these new books are:
1. Moevt (2015) Baseline: Orientation Course for Form One - Teacher's Book, Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, Dar es Salaam.
2. Moevt (2015) Baseline: Orientation Course for Form One - Student's Book, Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, Dar as Salaam.

The third resource of these New Orientation Materials is Teaching Resources. These are the teaching materials like maps, chats, drawings, pictures, games, and the like that facilitate sustainable delivery of the Orientation contents. Thus, we English teachers and other teachers are encouraged to prepare them and apply them in teaching this very important course for the Form One Students.

Another Reminder
Because of sophisticated style of life we are experiencing now, you may not be able to call any RT or myself; you may write insufficient text on your phone to any RT or myself; or you may not be able to come face to face to me, any RT, or your fellow English teacher who is somewhere to another remote school, BUT you can use not more than 5MB data on your phone to get full-length explanation on how to teach a certain topic. And apart from that, you can have your opinion on that particular topic and any suggestions you may have about the site!

We are strongly encouraged to take this opportunity!

Emmanuel Kachele

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