How To Teach

How To Teach

In What way we should teach this....


A: Information of the topic: This section gives all the details about the title of the main topic and all specific details about a particular sub topic:
1. Topic:
2. Sub Topic:
3. Periods per sub topic:
4: Class:
B: How to teach the topic: This section includes the ideas, steps, and procedures, activities, and games on how to teach a particular topic:
-Activity (Or Game) 1
-Activity (Or Game) 2
-Activity (Or Game) 3
NB: These are the activities and games that can be divided per periods of a particular sub topic, if you want to.
6: CONNECTION: Beyond the Sub topic: This is a section where other related topics or areas of Grammar can be hinted out. For example, here is where we can see if the topic has Forms and Functions to be considered when we are teaching a particular sub topic.
7: NOTE: Here is where we can have the important notes about the particular sub topic, and remarks if there are any.

And we should not forget that, after all these, sharing is important. We should give out our views on how the topic should be handled or even ask a question. If you are satisfied with the delivered content, you can say nothing, BUT it is important to hear from you, even the sentence like: “It’s good” or “At least” etc.

We utilize our so called internet bundles (MBs) in various ways. But opening an email and following a link to the site, cannot even take up 5% of your data!


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