Friday, 8 March 2019

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The only Diary App that takes care of itself is ‘Google Keep/Keep Notes’ Diary App. It is one of the Google Products.

As you write or keep things in this diary, it save them on the spot. You don’t need to back up the contents every time you write your things.
What you need is just your Gmail Account (email and password) and the diary will keep things for you as you write.
What you have to do is to:
  1. Make sure you have Google Account/Gmail Account
  2. Download the app ‘Google Keep’ or ‘Keep Notes’. Some Android smartphones will always come with this app.
  3. Stop worrying about signing up. There is no Sign Up. The App is a Google Product and your Gmail is automatically to the app.
  4. Now start keeping your ‘Notes’!

You can also follow KACHELE ONLINE DIARY Series for more inspirations and examples on keeping diary.

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