TEACHER DEVELOPMENT CLUB TIP #18: Picture Prompt Teaching Method

TEACHER DEVELOPMENT CLUB TIP #18: Picture Prompt Teaching Method

Show students an image with no explanation, and ask them to identify/explain it, and justify their answers. Or ask students to write about it using terms from lecture, or to name the processes and concepts shown. Also works well as group activity. Do not give the “answer” until they have explored all options first.
Picture Prompt is an image or a picture that triggers students to explore and understand the concept or idea in the subject matter or lesson taught.
PPTT is the teacher’s teaching technique of using image/images that has no explanation in order to allow students to provide the answers or responses that are closely associated with the image shown.
PPTT is applied by the teacher who use an image (images) to trigger students’ curiosity. A teacher may display an image and ask students to explain it. The image should be related to the topic and should help the understanding of the lesson or an idea. The teacher may also show an image and ask students to write about it. If the image is about a certain process, the teacher may directs students to write the process that is going on in the picture/image. For example, the teacher may use the cover picture of the book to ask students to explain it. In this scenario, the teacher should not give answers until students have explored more options and meaings about the image/cover of the book first.
PPTT is mostly applied at the beginning of a lesson because it clarifies the first step before moving to the next one. It clarifies the lesson before it is officially started.
PPTT can also be used at the middle of the lesson if the teacher wants to develop students’ curiosity on the matter, concept he/she is sharing with students. Under any circumstance, PPTT is not advised to be used at the end of the lesson, but the teacher may opt to use it to trigger students’ mind on what they are going to learn next.
PPTT is applied in the following contexts:
SETTING: PPTT can be used in the classroom and outside the classroom. The important advice on the use of PPTT is that the teacher should make sure that there is enough light for students to see the image displayed.
RELEVENT TOPICS: Almost all topics may taught and learnt by using PPTT because images are visual and easily remembered by any kings of students/learners.
PPTT has the following benefits:
  • It helps a teacher to teach with ease.
  • It triggers students’ curiosity.
  • It is easily remembered because it is visual. 

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