TEACHER DEVELOPMENT CLUB TIP #17: Hand-held Response Cards Teaching Method

TEACHER DEVELOPMENT CLUB TIP #17: Hand-held Response Cards Teaching Method

Distribute (or ask students to create) standardized cards that can be held aloft as visual responses to instructor questions. Example: green card for true, red for false. Or hand-write a giant letter on each card to use in multiple choice questions.
HHRCs are cards which are distributed by the teacher or made by students that can be held as visual aids in the class.
A teacher distributes the cards to the students and guide them what to do with the cards. For example, students may be given five cards (one each) and go in front of the class in order to demonstrate by staying in the positions where the cards (cards containing words) may be arranged to bring about a complete sentence. A sentence like this: ‘Juma likes playing football everyday’ has five cards.
Also a teacher may distribute two kinds of cards for each pair of students. ‘Red Card’ for ‘False’ and ‘Green Card’ for ‘True’ and ask them questions/statements. If the pair sees that the answer is ‘False’, they raise a red card and vice versa.
Cards are not only created by the teacher. Students can also create the cards for themselves under the teacher’s guidance.
HHRCs are used when a teacher wants to simplify the lesson to the students or when he wants to develop curiosity to students. The HHRCs can be used at the beginning, the middle or the end of the lesson. However, the teacher has to make sure that at every stage he uses cards, they help to move the lesson forward.
HHRCs are applied in the following circumstances:
SETTING: Cards can be applied anywhere whether indoor or outdoor settings. If the use of cards is not accompanied with noises, they can be used in the classroom setting.
RELEVANT TOPICS: The cards can be applied in every topic and class level. It’s a teacher’s role to find out what kinds of cards can fit in a particular class or topic.
HHRCs have the following benefits:

  • It is a fascinating teaching technique.
  • Students are motivated when they use cards.
  • Students can learn how to create cards for themselves.
  • Teacher’s goal may be met easily.
  • T/L process becomes simple and well conducted.

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