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Stage One: Examine the issue
  1. Choose an issue. As you read a newspaper, find a good issue to respond to. 
  2. Examine your ideas. Make sure you have facts about what you'll write about. 
  3. Establish your purpose. Is it to congratulate or criticise? 
Stage Two: Writing the letter 
  1. Include an introduction. Your introductory sentence should identify what you are writing about and why you are qualified to comment. 
  2. Support your opinions. For example, why what you say matters. 
  3. Use your correct format. For instance, begin with 'Dear Editor' and close with your full name and address. Only your name and city are published. 
  4. Keep your letter simple, brief, well constructed and grammatically correct. 
  5. Write a conclusion. Leave your readers with important thoughts. 
Stage Three: Review your writing 
  1. Reread and evaluate your letter. 
  2. Proofread (edit) your letter for grammar and spelling. 
  3. Ask a classmate to read your letter and give you a feedback which will help you to improve your work.
Stage Four: Publish, present, submit or send
  1. Send it off. 
  2. Attract local attention. Send it to your local magazine or newspaper. It will likely be published than regional one, because it attract the attention of the local people. 
  3. Post your letter on the bulletin board (school gazette, college, or university gazette) 

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