1-50 General Concessions Questions

1-50 General Concessions Questions

General Concessions Questions are Grammar Questions which focus mainly on subordinating conjunctions or subordinators. The writer or the speaker has to admit or concede a certain situation before giving the elaboration of what he has to say. 
In the following items (51-100), choose the most correct answer from the given alternatives:
[1] ________sick, his friend told him to go to hospital.
A. To be
B. Being
C. In being
[2] He is too weak _____ walk.
A. to
B. for
C. with
[3] Juma is _____short to touch the ceiling.
A. very
B. extremely
C. too
[4] The box was too _______ to lift.
A. heavier 
B. heavy
C. light 
[5] The girl was _____ shy that she couldn't talk.
A. very
B. so
C. not
[6] Joseph was so busy ______ he had no time to see his family.
A. until
B. and
C. that
[7] It is a ___________ that he will come today.
A. possible
B. possibility
C. Both A & B
[8] The room was ______ small that it couldn't accommodate us.
A. very
B. so
C. yet
[9] There is a ____________ that the train will come.
A. likelihood
B. possible
C. potential
[10] _______ you study hard, you will not pass exams.
A. Unless
B. If
C. If not

[11] The story was ______ interesting ______ everyone liked it.
A. very/that
B. so/that
C. too/that
[12] The tea is ____ hot ____ drink.
A. very/to
B. so/to
C. too/to
[13] _____ we miss the lesson, we'll not understand the topic.
A. If
B. When
C. Because
[14] It's my ________ that Joshua is a good person.
A. belief
B. believe
B. beliefs
[15] The dancer wore a good dress _______ to attract audience.
A. so as
B. in order
C. for 
[16] Maria sings ____ beautifully _____ Melanie.
A. as/like
B. as/as
C. so/as
[17] ________ finished the work, Atieno went to sleep.
A. Having
B. When
C. Because 
[18] You'll pass exams ____ you study hard.
A. until
B. when
C. if
[19] She told me _______ her mother was sick.
A. of
B. that
C. about 
[20] _________ her mother's sickness, she did well in her exams.
A. Although
B. Having
C. Despite

[21] I__________closed my eyes_______the bell rang.
A. hardly/when
B. had hardly/when
B. only/when
[22] ____________ what you have just said, I have a different opinion.
A. Respecting
B. Respect
D. Respected
[23] I _______ hardly started eating my lunch when my friend came.
A. have
B. had
C. has
[24] Reading books is a profitable habit. _____________, it needs time and commitment.
A. Apart from that
B. By the way
C. However
[25] My friend has never been to Serengeti. ___________, he doesn't know much about it.
A. Therefore
B. Yet
C. Instead
[26] History examination was very difficult. __________, he scored 98% out of 100%.
A. So
B. And 
C. However 
[27] He did not study hard. __________ he failed.
A. Instead 
B. As a result 
C. Yet
[28] Students have finished their homework. __________, they can go home.
A. Therefore 
B. Then
C. By the way 
[29] You can come with me __________ you'll not bring any trouble.
A. although 
B. if that 
C. provided that 
[30] I ________ scarcely opened the door _______ the phone rang. 
A. had/after 
B. had/when 
C. had/than

[31] ________ we run, we shall miss the bus.
A. If
B. Unless
C. Yet
[32] ____ I'm right, let's do it.
A. If 
B. if then 
C. If so
[33] __________ clever you may be, you cannot succeed without people.
A. However
B. Though
C. Notwithstanding
[34] __________ the sun sets the darkness begins to cover our small village.
A. No sooner 
B. As soon as
C. Whenever 
[35] You ought ____________ to the forest by yourself.
A. not have gone
B. not gone
C. must not gone
[36] Joshua is __________ enough to be elected our councillor.
A. best
B. better
C. good
[37] He works hard ___________ to be promoted.
A. in order that
B. in order
C. in order for
[38] No sooner had he __________ than he left.
A. arrived
B. arrive
C. arrives
[39] ________ your father see you doing this, he would not be happy.
A. If
B. Unless
C. Should
[40] ____________ had she agreed to marry him than she died.
A. As
B. No sooner
C. When

[41] Should you be at the meeting, you _________ seen him.
A. can
B. could
C. could have
[42] Don't do it ________ you're not sure of its consequences.
A. if
B. unless
C. or
[43] _________ you get your ticket now, you won't be able to get a seat.
A. Unless
B. If
C. Or
[44] __________ our country is poor, people enjoy the peace.
A. When
B. Although
C. So
[45] Although he _________, he played well.
A. had a broken arm
B. has a broken arm
C. have a broken arm
[46] The girl is grown up enough _______ married.
A. to be
B. at being
C. for being
[47] Catherine is _________ Daud.
A. strong as
B. as strong
C. as strong as
[48] ____________ the visitors arrived, the party started.
A. As early as
B. As soon as
C. As quickly as
[49] _________ the rain, we went to the farm.
A. Although
B. In spite of
C. Even if
[50] Would you mind ___________ the door?
A. open
B. by opening 
C. opening

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