1-50 General Grammar Questions

1-50 General Grammar Questions

These are random English Grammar questions. They are not specific. They are general questions which aim at testing one's ability in various aspects of English grammar. 
In the following items (1-50), choose the most correct answer from the given alternatives: 
[1] The teacher has _________ a very tough examination for us.
A. constructed 
B. made
C. set
[2] I'm bored ______ you.
A. with
B. by
C. for
[3] I'm a pilot, _____?
A. aren't I
B. am not I
C. am I
[4] She is a _______ girl.
A. jealous
B. jealousy
C. jealously
[5] John is_________ student in the class.
A. the angriest
B. the most angriest
C. the angrier
[6] This car belongs to John. It is ____.
A. him
B. his
C. he
[7] Neither of the students _________ spoken.
A. have
B. has
C. is
[8] You look ________ at Mathematics!
A. capable
B. good
C. able
[9] She never says
A. 'Hello to me'
B. 'me Hello'
C. 'to me Hello'
[10] John has said
A. nothing to me
B. to me nothing
C. me nothing

[11] Everything ____ broken.
A. was
B. were
C. was being
[12] Juma held a glass of wine in _____ hand.
A. every
B. each
C. both
[13] In towns, drivers can park their cars on _____ side of the street.
A. each
B. every
C. both
[14] Night watchmen were all asleep, ____ the guard dogs.
A. and
B. also
C. even
[15] Kapufi family has lived in Mpanda for ___ hundred years.
A. a
B. the
C. an
[16] I was hurt _____ I was harvesting maize.
A. when
B. where
C. after
[17] The patient asked the nurse, "____ the Doctor come and see me?"
A. Whether
B. Will
C. If
[18] Biogas is cheap ______ it is produced locally.
A. so
B. unless
C. because
[19] My grandfather is 84 years old _____ he is still active.
A. and
B. so
C. then
[20] The teacher left the classroom_____ students began making noise.
A. when
B. after
C. where

[21] I think you____ a terrible mistake.
A. did
B. made
C. created
[22] Mariam didn't______her homework.
A. do
B. make
C. work
[23] Jobless people should______ for new jobs whenever they are announced.
A. ask
B. beg
C. apply
[24] I'm hungry. I need a _______ meal.
A. light
B. heavy
C. heavily
[25] Students should ______ a short break.
A. has
B. take
C. grab
[26] Ebrahim Hussein is a Tanzanian writer. He is probably _______ most famous
writer in East Africa.
A. a
B. the
C. only
[27] My essay is longer than ______.
A. his
B. of him
C. by him
[28] _______ they train well, they will not win the match.
A. Only
B. If
C. Unless
[29] Anna is a very ________ girl.
A. creativity
B. creative
C. creatively
[30] I work _____ a factory.
A. in
B. into
C. on

[31] Tanzania is blessed______ wonderful National Parks.
A. by
B. and
C. with
[32] Peter is the __________ student in the class.
A. unhappiest
B. happily
C. most unhappy
[33] Mt. Kilimanjaro is ______ highest mountain in Africa.
A. the
B. a
C. most
[34] She is the ______ beautiful girl in the class.
A. much
B. most
C. mostly
[35] Juma is good ____ English
A. at
B. in
C. for
[36] Our office has a ________ subscription to Daily News Newspapers.
A. month's
B. monthly
C. month's time
[37] James is _______ helpful than Jackson.
A. much
B. more
C. most
[38] This box is _______ than that one.
A. more heavy
B. heavier
C. the heaviest
[39] It's raining ________.
A. densely
B. hardly
C. heavily
[40] Unfortunately, we had ________ our umbrellas at home.
A. forgetting
B. forgotten
C. forget

[41] Contact him. He is a very ________ person.
A. helped
B. helpful
C. helper
[42] It was a really ________ party.
A. enjoyed
B. enjoyable
C. enjoying
[43] What's wrong ______ you?
A. by
B. with
C. from
[44] I'm here to talk _____ you.
A. by
B. to
C. with
[45] I don't like him, and he doesn't like me _______.
A. either
B. also
C. likewise
[46] He wanted to go ________ his father stopped him.
A. since
B. but
C. for
[47] I don't like mangoes. Musa ______ either.
A. do not
B. is not
C. doesn't
[48] Asha wore a heavy coat _______ she was cold.
A. as a result
B. consequently
C. because
[49] Her laptop was so slow _______ she decided to switched it off. 
A. that
B. that's 
C. so
[50] They passed exams _________ the short time for preparation.
A. because of
B. despite
C. though

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  1. ANSWERS: 1-50 General Grammar Questions

    [1] C

    [2] A

    [3] A

    [4] A

    [5] A

    [6] B

    [7] B

    [8] B

    [9] A

    [10] A

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    [11] A

    [12] B

    [13] B

    [14] C

    [15] A

    [16] A

    [17] B

    [18] C

    [19] A

    [20] A

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    [21] B

    [22] A

    [23] C

    [24] B

    [25] B

    [26] B

    [27] A

    [28] C

    [29] B

    [30] A

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    [31] C

    [32] A

    [33] A

    [34] B

    [35] A

    [36] B

    [37] B

    [38] B

    [39] C

    [40] B

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    [41] B

    [42] B

    [43] B

    [44] B

    [45] A

    [46] B

    [47] C

    [48] C

    [49] A

    [50] B

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