1-50 General Tense Questions

1-50 General Tense Questions

These General Tense Questions have been compiled to test any English Language Learners in the three main types of tenses: Present, Past, and Future Tense. 
In the following items (1-50), choose the most correct answer from the given choices:
[1] I ________my homework, (do, did, am doing) . So, don't make noise.
[2] The bus _________ (has left/have left) ten minutes ago.
[3] Our boss thanked us for what we _______. (have been accomplishing, has accomplished, had accomplished)
[4] Yanga SC players _______ out of their dressing rooms. (has come, have come, have came)
[5] Henry ______ to be a doctor.
(wants, wanting, is wanting)
[6] I _________ him for a long time. (am knowing, know, have known)
[7] Asha _______ TV most evenings. (is watch, watches, is watching)
[8] He ________ go to the cinema once a week. (liked to, used to)
[9] At first, Form I Students _________ English Course for six months. (study, am studying, have been studying) .
[10] I _______ a strange noise for 30 minutes now. (hear, am hearing, had been hearing).

[11] This soup ______  good.
A. taste
B. tastes
C. tasting
[12] My grandmother got an accident when she _________ firewood.
A. is collecting
B. was collecting
C. collected
[13] Those little boys _________ all morning.
A. plays
B. has been playing
C. have been playing
[14] Students _________ their homework yesterday.
A. finished
B. have finished
C. has finished
[15] I _______ him at the zoo yesterday.
A. meet
B. met
C. meets
[16] I _______ Rose this week.
A. hadn't seen
B. haven't seen
C. hasn't seen
[17] The Sunday News________ on Sundays.
A. is publishing
B. is published
C. are published
[18] The driver ____________ fast when the accident happened.
A. is driving
B. was driving
C. has driven
[19] Kenyan ambassador __________ here for the last four years.
A. is working
B. has been working
C. have been working
[20] Board members ________ a meeting with us today.
A. will has
B. will have
C. shall has

[21] My grandmother _______ coughing since mid night.
A. has been
B. has a
C. is
[22] Although it was raining, we __________ football.
A. was playing
B. played
C. were played
[23] The children started playing while it ________.
A. is raining
B. was raining
C. rained
[24] They _________ a big snake in the garden.
A. have saw
B. has seen
C. have seen
[25] Tomorrow evening I will _________ for my uncle at my house.
A. be waited
B. been waiting
C. be waiting
[26] By next month, I will _________ writing my short story.
A. have completed
B. be completed
C. have completing
[27] The earth _________ around the Sun.
A. moved
B. moves
C. move
[28] She __________ writing an application letter.
A. has finished
B. has been finished
C. have finished
[29] I didn't ________ him a letter.
A. send
B. sends
C. sent
[30] Most students ________ worried before exams.
A. looking 
B. looks
C. looks

[31] The boss ________ to speak with his employees right now.
A. wanted
B. has wanted
C. wants
[32] Your group should _________the work right now!
A. presented
B. be presenting
C. been presenting
[33] I___________ attending the meeting.
A. will have
B. will be
C. will has
[34] He ________ embarrassed whenever he fails to defend himself.
A. feel
B. felt
C. feels
[35] It _______ since morning.
A. has been raining
B. is rained
C. rains
[36] Gabriel and George ________ down many trees.
A. have cut
B. has cut
C. have cutting
[37] She did ______ of things yesterday.
A. a lot
B. lot
C. lot's
[38] The dogs ____________ something.
A. has smelled
B. have smelled
C. have been smelled
[39] I _________ my clothes.
A. have washed
B. have washes
C. has washed
[40] Recently, life ___________ modern and complicated.
A. has become
B. have become
C. had become

[41] At our village, the Sun _______ over the hills.
A. rises
B. raises
C. rise
[42] We have been waiting for the meeting _______ morning.
A. from
B. since
C. by
[43] I'll send you a ______________ letter.
A. handwritten
B. handwriting
C. handwrote
[44] Our village _______ its appearance since 2000.
A. has being changed
B. has been changed
C. has been changing
[45] I _________ there for some time.
A. have been
B. am been
C. am being
[46] My bicycle ________ repaired.
A. is been
B. is being
C. is becoming
[47] One passenger jumped off the bus while it ________.
A. had moved
B. moved
C. was moving
[48] The Guest of Honour has stood up ____________ his speech.
A. to give
B. by giving
C. for giving
[49] I _________ reading a novel when my friends came.
A. had been finishing
B. had finished
C. had been finished
[50] I __________ that movie twice.
A. have seen
B. have been seen
C. have been seeing

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