KOLEC: Lesson 03: Origin of Literature

KOLEC: Lesson 03: Origin of Literature

(1) Where did literature starts?  
(2) How did literature develop into the present form?  
These are the questions that have to be clearly understood by both teachers and students. Understanding these questions will help us understand where we came from, where we are and where we have to go from here as far as literature is concerned. KOLEC: Lesson 03: Origin of Literature

The origin of literature is entirely connected with the productive activities which began after the emergence of man on the earth. So, when the man was trying to survive, he started conducting production activities.
In these production activities, speech (language) was developed by man and then literature started to emerge. These production activities which brought about the development of literature were:
1) Farming
2) Fishing
3) Building 
4) Hunting 
5) Social gatherings 
These activities helped the man to produce songs and these songs were accompanied by men's physical movements of arms and legs. In the end, these songs simplified the works. 
Along with other forms of literature like wall drawings, decorations, sculpture, and pottery, literature also existed long even before the development of human language.  
Later, literature gained its momentum the very first day the language was growing out of people's social interactions.

The term literature is derived from the Latin word "Littera" which means 'a letter of the alphabet' or in plural "Litterae", meaning 'letters'. This means that originally the term literature meant anything written down although there was much oral literature found in any society. 
However, in the 18th century, the term 'literature' took its modern (present-day) usage and the current meaning was generally attached to the term Literature, that is, literature is a body of writing by a people or by peoples using the same language orally or in written forms. 
Therefore, literature is a form of human expression. But not everything expressed orally or in written form is counted as literature even when it is well organized. Writing is said to be 'literature' only if it succeeds in possessing artistic merit. 

KOLEC: Lesson Assignment 03: Origin of Literature 
(1) "Literature developed out of people's early interactions." Discuss  
(2) How did literature evolve into the present form?  
(3) How did the term 'literature' evolve into the present form?  
(4) In pairs or groups, discuss the kind of literature you know and how it evolved in your local community

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