KOLEC Lesson 04: Language and Literature

KOLEC Lesson 04: Language and Literature

Language is defined as a tool of communication among human beings in a particular community. On the other hand, literature is also a tool of communication between author and audience. Therefore, the author uses language to communicate or convey his/her literature to his/her intended audience/readers. 
Language and literature depend on each other. They are inseparable.  
When we teach or learn literature at school, college or University, we need language. When we teach or learn language, we also need various literature materials to make the lesson complete. For example, we cannot study four language skills without reading literature. This and other learning experiences prove to us that language is very important in studying literature. So, there is no literature without language and there is no language without literature.   

The following are the significances of language in literature:
* Language is the medium (vehicle) through which literature is conveyed. 
* Literature is created by language. This means there would be no literature if there is no language.  
* Literature transforms the ordinary language into a creative one.  
* Language is improved when reading literature. We read various literary texts to improve our language. 
* Language helps students to develop skills in reading, interpreting and analysing literary works. 
* Language in literature helps to expose students to real-life situations after reading various literary works. 
* Language in literature increases cultural enrichment to students. 
Literature is termed creative and imaginative writing because it employs language in peculiar ways. It is a distinctive art that uses language creatively and artistically as its medium of communication in forwarding the message to the intended audience. 
So, we can say that language cannot be separated from literature and literature too cannot be separated from language. They are like two sides of the same coin. 

10 KOLEC Lesson 04: Language and Literature
(1) Differentiate language from literature.  
(2) What is the importance of language in literature?  
(3) How important is the language in literature?  
(4) "Language and literature are inseparable." Discuss.  
(5) Describe how your local language is important in delivering or conveying your local literature. 


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